Ensure That Your Home Is Safe From Hurricane Damage with Hurricane Preparation Services

In case of a storm coming, call Jeff Handyman 2 The Rescue LLC to schedule your storm protection needs to be installed on your home. We'll install and remove all hurricane protection. Our hurricane preparation services will ensure you are ready to face any storm.

In Case Of A Storm Coming, We Can Do The Following:

  • Install & Remove Shutters
  • Bring In Outdoor Furniture
  • Bring In All Potted Plants
  • We Can Also Provide and Size Plywood to Custom Fit Your Windows





Contact us today for hurricane preparation services in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL.



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We have 40 years of experience in installing hurricane shutters.

Why should you make sure your home is built to hurricane codes?

Did you know that homes built in Jacksonville, FL need to be built to comply with strict hurricane codes? If your home isn't ready for a major hurricane, don't delay-now is the best time for hurricane reinforcement. Contact Jeff Handyman 2 The Rescue LLC for hurricane protection services today.

If your home isn't built to meet the current hurricane protection standards, you could:

  • Suffer serious damage or even lose your home entirely in a storm
  • Pay heavy costs of major repairs and replacements
  • Face an insurance company that will refuse to pay for your damage
Don't let the next major storm cause preventable damage to your home. Speak with us today for hurricane reinforcement services in Jacksonville, FL.