Keep Your Dryer Vent Dirt-Free

Keep Your Dryer Vent Dirt-Free

Over time dryer vent becomes clogged with dirt. This can often result in your home catching fire. Prevent this disaster with the help of Jeff Handyman 2 The Rescue LLC.

We specialize in providing dryer vent cleaning and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more.

What are the major benefits of dry vent cleaning?

Dryer vents accumulate heavy amounts of lint and dust over time. Restricting airflow can cause several issues and even risk your safety. Schedule dryer vent cleaning services from Jeff Handyman 2 The Rescue to:

  • Increase energy efficiency for lower monthly bills
  • Prevent household fires
  • Improve dryer performance
  • Prolong the life of your machine

Before you start shopping for a new dryer, always check to make sure the vents are clear. After our dryer vent cleaning services, you'll notice your clothes will dry faster and smell fresher. Contact us today to improve your energy efficiency and save money on costly repairs in JacksonvilleĀ or St. Augustine, FL.

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